Easy Tree Products

Puttin wings up

EasyTree Dove Decoy

Let EasyTree Be The Difference For You This Season!

Give your Dove Hunting the edge you never thought possible!

The Easy Tree is a way to make your Dove Decoys stand out and get noticed!

Whether you are part of a large organized hunt and want the birds paying attention to you and not your neighbors or you are hunting solo and can't find anyone to go.

Decoys are a very effective way to hunt doves but not if the doves can't see them. Once the birds see the Easy Tree with your decoys, they can't resist it!!

Lightweight, easy to carry and standing over 10 feet tall, the Easy Tree will attract birds from all over the field.

Assembles in seconds and comes with it’s own carrying case. It’s so light you’ll never know you’re carrying it.


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